What brings joy - a financial insight

So, the whole humanity is in search of joy. From a kinder-garden child to a college student to mid life couple to someone in his last leg of life, every activity being undertaken by humans is undertaken as a step to achieve happiness or joy. Some activities bring in instant joy and some bring with them the promise of happiness at a later date. A college student is asked to study hard and made to understand that if you study hard, you will beat others in competition which will lead you to secure a better and high paying job and with high paying job, you will have the ability to buy things which others cannot. And you know that the tap of joy overflows when you can do something which your neighbors, peers and relatives cannot. So, the source of joy becomes someone's else inability which I am not exploring in this post.

I have had this curiosity since my childhood to observe things from the perspective that why am I being asked to undertake this activity or task. And after spending …

Technology for Start-ups

New age start-ups need new age technologies to speed up and take new challenges. Evaluating, talking to vendors, agencies and ensuring that your start-up will catch-up with others will drain you of energy and money.

EMarketz is leading the way for start-ups where companies and start-ups can grow sales in one easy to understand, no risk format. EMarketz's PPL service which is a format of lead generation service has assisted many start-ups get to work and rake up moolah. Some of the recent companies which opted for this service include the PhD consulting service by Dissertation India, ERP software service by TCS, Leads for telephony and allied services by Tata Teleservices, Airtel.

3 Classifications on the basis of motivation

A rudimentary classification of people on the basis of their motivation has been presented in this post. This is not based on previous research. This is based on experiential inferences drawn over a period of three years in personal and office settings.

Type A : Needs to be motivated - This class of people need weekly/daily/hourly dose of motivation. Without an external stimuli of motivation, they start feel de-motivated and lose interest in the task provided. They are generally the seekers, who want to led and require complete information, decisions, processes which they can follow. On personal level, they derive low engagement value in relationships, however, they tend to be stable.

Type B : Is self motivated - This class of people need external stimuli motivation, however, they are able to find one themselves. They do not rely on others for them to come and talk to them to feel motivated. They know the sources and realise when they need motivation to be injected in them. They usuall…

Age of Instant Gratification

As Simon says, this is the age of instant gratification and everyone needs the answer, the product, service right at that moment. No wonder, the online reviews industry picked up five years back as the need for instant gratification left the users not-satisfied with the product or service.

If you Google out the best and biggest service brands globally, you will find reviews claiming they are cheaters/fraudsters and what not by real people posting their reviews. And these volume of such reviews is so high that you cannot count them.

So does that mean that there is no company in the world which offers genuine products, services and does not focuses on service quality. In-fact, its the contrary, most companies and start-ups are trying hard to focus on service quality, quality of the product or service and hire the client support team prior to the front-line sales team. However, the expectation from this generation is unrealistic. Nobody, not even machines/robots can match the expectation…

Stinking Thinking

Many people are gripped with a thought process which includes " Why am I being blamed for all this" " I am not responsible for this" " This is not my work" " I don't care what others think of me" and the likes of it being stated in their daily lives whether at home, relations or at work. These statements can easily be termed as stinking thinking. If someone is making such statements, he/she has not paid attention to what kind of attitude he/she has developed.

I will try to unravel these statements in this post today.

" Why am I being blamed for all this" - Everywhere we find people talking about this statement. Usually this statement comes across when an individual perceives that he/she is responsible for only one part/segment of the work and he is not going to be affected by the overall outcome of the task. In a long-term every individual associated with the task gets impacted by the result of that task. However, in short term ind…

What is attitude?

This blog is an effort to try and decode attitude and find out theme lines within this complex space. I am Puneet Chadha , Lead SEO at EMarketz India Pvt Ltd  and 360 Website Design who will write about my experiences related to attitude with individuals.

Attitude as normally referred to as how an individual perceives and reacts to a given situation. Since, we know by experience that every individual is different biologically and also because he/she has been subject to different circumstances in the past. Due to this almost every person reacts differently to a given situation.

Through the journey I will require readers support and valuable suggestions on the same.