Stinking Thinking

Many people are gripped with a thought process which includes " Why am I being blamed for all this" " I am not responsible for this" " This is not my work" " I don't care what others think of me" and the likes of it being stated in their daily lives whether at home, relations or at work. These statements can easily be termed as stinking thinking. If someone is making such statements, he/she has not paid attention to what kind of attitude he/she has developed.

I will try to unravel these statements in this post today.

" Why am I being blamed for all this" - Everywhere we find people talking about this statement. Usually this statement comes across when an individual perceives that he/she is responsible for only one part/segment of the work and he is not going to be affected by the overall outcome of the task. In a long-term every individual associated with the task gets impacted by the result of that task. However, in short term individuals tend to argue that I am not affected by the result. Due to this, the statement in question arises. Individuals who are aligned with the team and work around to ensure that the task allocated will be measured as team's performance whether good or bad will not use this statement.

" I am not responsible for this" or " This is not my work" - For good or bad that is achieved as a result of your work, you are the only person who is responsible. Anyone coming up and talking about " I am not responsible" is a strong indication that the person is disconnected with the task or organisation for which this work is being done.

" I don't care what others think of me" - With the instant gratification mode our generation lives in, they develop an inherent attitude of not caring about the real life human interactions. This mode brings in a unique disorder which overwhelms the mind and starts to believe that ego and jealousy are natural human traits and I am not going to be bogged by what others perceive me as. Again, the problem is that this attitude works occasionally or in short run; however, if someone develops a tendency to think on these lines, he/she will loose out on the social quotient of life.

Do post your comments or if you have some examples to share.

Author Bio : Puneet heads the digital marketing at EMarketz India Pvt Ltd


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