Age of Instant Gratification

As Simon says, this is the age of instant gratification and everyone needs the answer, the product, service right at that moment. No wonder, the online reviews industry picked up five years back as the need for instant gratification left the users not-satisfied with the product or service.

If you Google out the best and biggest service brands globally, you will find reviews claiming they are cheaters/fraudsters and what not by real people posting their reviews. And these volume of such reviews is so high that you cannot count them.

So does that mean that there is no company in the world which offers genuine products, services and does not focuses on service quality. In-fact, its the contrary, most companies and start-ups are trying hard to focus on service quality, quality of the product or service and hire the client support team prior to the front-line sales team. However, the expectation from this generation is unrealistic. Nobody, not even machines/robots can match the expectation of users these days.

So, for big brands, it is just one thing which they try to control by asking for ORM services, who can do a fair job if the reviews are few hundreds, however, when they run in thousands, no service can create an insulation.

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