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Stinking Thinking

Many people are gripped with a thought process which includes " Why am I being blamed for all this" " I am not responsible for this" " This is not my work" " I don't care what others think of me" and the likes of it being stated in their daily lives whether at home, relations or at work. These statements can easily be termed as stinking thinking. If someone is making such statements, he/she has not paid attention to what kind of attitude he/she has developed.

I will try to unravel these statements in this post today.

" Why am I being blamed for all this" - Everywhere we find people talking about this statement. Usually this statement comes across when an individual perceives that he/she is responsible for only one part/segment of the work and he is not going to be affected by the overall outcome of the task. In a long-term every individual associated with the task gets impacted by the result of that task. However, in short term ind…

What is attitude?

This blog is an effort to try and decode attitude and find out theme lines within this complex space. I am Puneet Chadha , Lead SEO at EMarketz India Pvt Ltd  and 360 Website Design who will write about my experiences related to attitude with individuals.

Attitude as normally referred to as how an individual perceives and reacts to a given situation. Since, we know by experience that every individual is different biologically and also because he/she has been subject to different circumstances in the past. Due to this almost every person reacts differently to a given situation.

Through the journey I will require readers support and valuable suggestions on the same.