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What brings joy - a financial insight

So, the whole humanity is in search of joy. From a kinder-garden child to a college student to mid life couple to someone in his last leg of life, every activity being undertaken by humans is undertaken as a step to achieve happiness or joy. Some activities bring in instant joy and some bring with them the promise of happiness at a later date. A college student is asked to study hard and made to understand that if you study hard, you will beat others in competition which will lead you to secure a better and high paying job and with high paying job, you will have the ability to buy things which others cannot. And you know that the tap of joy overflows when you can do something which your neighbors, peers and relatives cannot. So, the source of joy becomes someone's else inability which I am not exploring in this post.

I have had this curiosity since my childhood to observe things from the perspective that why am I being asked to undertake this activity or task. And after spending …