3 Classifications on the basis of motivation

A rudimentary classification of people on the basis of their motivation has been presented in this post. This is not based on previous research. This is based on experiential inferences drawn over a period of three years in personal and office settings.

Type A : Needs to be motivated - This class of people need weekly/daily/hourly dose of motivation. Without an external stimuli of motivation, they start feel de-motivated and lose interest in the task provided. They are generally the seekers, who want to led and require complete information, decisions, processes which they can follow. On personal level, they derive low engagement value in relationships, however, they tend to be stable.

Type B : Is self motivated - This class of people need external stimuli motivation, however, they are able to find one themselves. They do not rely on others for them to come and talk to them to feel motivated. They know the sources and realise when they need motivation to be injected in them. They usually do the best in relationships as they are able to find ways to remain motivated in them. These people have a positive attitude towards life and they can fall prey to fake guru's or marketing agents who can motivate them.

Type C : Is self motivated and can motivate others - This class of people are self-motivated not due to external factors, but their own body biology produces such chemicals that remain motivated about everything they are involved. They are natural leaders with an instinct to overlook the finer aspects of life as their body asks them to keep looking at the positive side of everything. They are the ones who motivate the type A and B. Their aura will generate positive energy and they will have long-lasting relationships as tend to avoid arguments.


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